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I don’t do enough appreciation posts on here but in honor of Husband Appreciation day (April 16th) this one goes out to all of the hubbies for showing up for your spouses not only on your wedding day but every day after as well. We absolutely love our married couples so we asked a few “What do you love / appreciate most about your hubby?” and here’s what they had to say:


“I love that he’s always there to calm my anxieties and lift me up when I’m feeling down. I appreciate that he encourages me to do the hard stuff, whatever that is at the time from making dinner to finishing a school assignment, and he picks up my slack when I’m overwhelmed or not doing well.” – Nicolle


“What I love about my husband is that he’s always thinking of ways to improve my day or make me smile. Whether it be surprising me with my favorite wine after a rough day at work or taking care of what’s for dinner when my brain just can’t think, he’s always thinking. That and he has a smile that makes everything better ? ” – Chris


“My husband is so incredibly patient with me. He is gentle and kind-hearted when my soul needs it, and he’s hilariously funny to lift my heart. Daily, he kisses my forehead and each of my little toes to remind me that he loves all of me from top to bottom, for exactly who I am. ♥️” – Grace


“I love that he supports me in every aspect of our life. He loves me for all of me and is my best friend. He is the greatest person I know and he is willing to go on all the adventures with me.” – Savanah


“My husband is my best friend. He’s the only person I trust with my secrets and my life. We’ve been together for more than 4 years and each year brings new experiences and allows us to grow together.” – Addie


“Over the past 3 months I have watched my husband become a father and it has filled my heart with a whole new appreciation for our him and our marriage. I appreciate the way he gets home from work, exhausted, but continues to put on a smile and ask us how our day was. How he never complains about filling up my water cup, even though we just got in to bed. How he encourages and lifts me up when the day is off to a rough start. Most of all, I love the way my husband loves his family.” – Marissa


“My husband is a provider. Not just a financial provider but, he emotionally provides laughter for our family and provides the deepest safety and security for myself and our daughter. I’m so thankful to never have to feel insecure about the silence and to never experience a dull moment!” – Kaycee


“I love my husband’s self discipline and dedication to what he sets his mind too. It is really amazing to be around someone who sticks to his word and self convictions. Whenever I am unsteady he is there to keep me grounded and focus on my dreams.” – Marly


“Joe is selfless, caring, and hardworking. He goes out of his way to make me smile, whether it’s dancing in the kitchen with me, cooking dinner when I don’t feel like it, or making a silly joke. He’s always down to go on an adventure with me and makes this crazy life we live fun. Plus he’s handsome. ?” – Taylor


“I just love his outlook on life…he is so positive and intentional about everything and towards everyone. He is the best person I know…and definitely the funniest” – Olivia


““I love all of the adventures my husband and I are able to experience together! I appreciate my husband pushing me, motivating me and supporting my dreams and goals?” – Riley


“What I love most about chase is the love and patience he has for people. He isn’t prideful and so humble and I love that he takes joy in the small things.” -Jeseka


“I appreciate my husband because he is very considerate of my feelings. It’s hard to have a bad day when he’s around because his laugh always cheers me up” – Hannah


“I love that Brannon brings so much laughter and joy into our relationship. There have been times when I have literally laughed until I have cried about something he has said or done. I love how our differences are such a compliment to each other, where I am an extrovert talking to a brick wall, he is the introvert. I could name several things, but to keep it short and sweet, he loves me for me (no makeup on, hair in a messy bun, zit-faced and all).” – McKenzie


“Happy husband appreciation day to my husband Cameron! Through this past crazy year of finishing my last year of my masters, working long hours in athletics and pursing my passion for Pure Barre you have been there every step of the way and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without you. You are my favorite person, best friend, and best part of my day! Love you!” – Madeline

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