Getting Wedding Ready – 3 Tips for a smooth and fun start to your day!

Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready

This is a part of the wedding day that most people do not think about, and yet it’s a big part of the day. For some people the hours spent prepping and getting ready far exceeds the duration of the entire event. Pre-wedding prep is when I see the most stress happen on a wedding day. Most of the things that stress you out morning of your wedding can be mitigated by some careful planning on your part. There will be unexpected things that come up, but for the most part, you can plan for things to run smoothly. Here are some things I’ve seen couples do to make sure it runs smoothly.

Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • Start packing things at least two days before the wedding so you have time to organize everything into boxes or bags that make sense. Nothing is worse than throwing everything in bags and having to dig to find what you’re looking for. It also does not help if your lipstick is in the bag going to the reception space to be decorated.
  • Go one step further and label your boxes and bags so that you know what is in each bag and where to pack it. It’s also helpful for the people helping on the day of to find things so they don’t have to interrupt you every 10 minutes to ask where things are.
  • Get your nails, permanent lashes, brows done the day before the wedding. Really anything you can do the day before is going to save you so much time.
  • Have a general plan and communicate it to your wedding party and family so that everyone knows where and when they need to be somewhere.
  • Bring your own snacks and food with you – this eliminates the need for someone in your wedding party to run off to go get food and slow down the rest of the process.
  • Bring a steamer – you’re gonna need one. No matter how perfect you packed clothes, they are gonna wrinkle.


Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • Yes there is going to be some jitters before the ceremony and nerves are to be expected but try not to let them consume you.
  • Bring alcohol and have a mimosa or two to help loosen you up, but make sure to monitor your alcohol intake and make sure to eat. I can do a lot – but I can’t photoshop a drunk look off of anyone’s faces.
  • Invite the people you enjoy being around the most to be in your party and to be there with you while you’re getting ready. Nothing is worse than being with people make you feel anxious or bring down the mood. There are no rules that says who needs to be in that space and who doesn’t, so set the tone of the day with the people who will make you feel happy and loved.
  • Play music that makes you happy and bust a move. Shake out all of those pre-wedding jitters.
  • Hire a hair and makeup artist who are gonna bring up the vibe and not make things awkward. If you need recommendations let me know (;


Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • There are going to be things that pop up – that’s the nature of the day. Try not to let those little things consume you.
  • People are going to be pulling at you all day to ask you for things – designate someone to handle things and put out fires for you. A day of coordinator is well worth the money spent!
  • If the cake topper doesn’t look exactly as you hoped or one of the groomsmen scuffed his shoe – so be it. You can’t control everything and I highly doubt anyone is going to notice those little things the way you worry they will.

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