Wedding party walking towards photographer at Bibb Mill Event Center in Columbus Georgia

I recently helped one of my dearest friends find her wedding photographer and the process really opened my eyes to the client’s journey of finding the perfect fit. She asked me to be in the wedding and asked that I be present with her on her day instead of trying to do both, thus began the process of me helping her find someone that would give her a comparable experience to what I would if she had hired me. Now I know that it was going to be a nearly impossible task simply because the love I have for her allows me to see and capture her differently than anyone else, but nonetheless I helped her search.

I was BLOWN away by several parts of this process with her and I wanted to write a series of blog posts addressing what I saw. This is blog post number 1- making sure a photographer is right for you.

This is a heated topic for me because I know wedding photography can be a very large investment. If I am paying for something I need to make sure it’s worth my time – the same can be said about my clients. I want to make sure that I am CLEAR on the experience I am giving my clients because I also want them to know if I am the best fit for their wedding day. 

Each photograph is different in the way they approach their business and wedding day experiences. When you’re looking for someone – they should also be looking out to see if the fit is mutual. With an experience as intimate as a wedding – I have no interest in taking on someone’s wedding that’s looking for an experience I cannot give them. That is just a waste of both of our time and resources. Not to mention it could sincerely ruin your wedding experience to get photos back that you hate. 

So – lets avoid that shall we?!


You like their style.This is the NUMBER ONE thing I highlight in all of my client meetings and in the contract. If you don’t like my style you will not like the images I give you. If you like my style but want it brighter or darker – I am NOT your photographer. I turn down weddings all of the time because I am not who they are looking for and I will not risk giving them wedding photos they won’t cherish. That’s not fair to them or myself. 

The easiest way to make sure you like someone’s style is to look at their work on social media and website thoroughly. Do they have any photos at your venue or a venue similar to yours and is that what you want your photos to look like? A good example of this is barn weddings – because barns are notoriously warm on the inside with the wood and warm lighting. If you booked a barn venue your photos are going to be on the warmer side. Have you seen how that photographer edits for warm lighting situations? 

If you don’t feel 100% convinced you should ask to see a full wedding gallery. I honestly highly recommend this anyway because the photos on their website and social media is their best work in their portfolio. They may have nailed a few shots they use frequently but if you don’t like the way they edit throughout a gallery then you will be disappointed when you get your images back. 


Find someone you actually like outside of their work.

Your wedding day hinges on the vendors you hire and the photographer is a biggie. That is the one vendor you will spend your entire day with. Your hair and make up team will leave, your cake vendor and florists will do their part and leave, but your photographer will be there through it all. You want to make sure it’s someone you enjoy being around. 

Your photographer will also witness you in the most raw and vulnerable parts of your day – make sure you’re hiring someone who can trust with those sentimental parts of you. It’s hard to know if someone is going to be a good fit without being able to look them in the eyes – so I make a big effort to make sure we schedule a face to face consultation before any contracts are signed. If my clients are destination / travel weddings we jump on a virtual call. I cannot judge if I am a good fit for someone by just hearing their voice alone, I want to see their face and body language. 

Even if you know the photographer personally, sit down face to face and have an honest discussion about the decision in hiring them. Make sure you know what to expect, what their payment options are, what the contract will look like, if they have a back up process. Just because you know them in one capacity does not mean you know them in a business sense and this is a business transaction.



Look at their reviews – especially on Google. 

If you want to know what it feels like to work with someone look at their google reviews. When you’ve had a really good or bad experience I can imagine the first thing you want to do is go leave a review for someone. Or before you buy anything on amazon you’ll go and read the reviews. The same thing applies here.

Reviews should give more than just a few words that say “awesome job, I love my photos”. Look for the in depth reviews that highlight the person’s experience. Some things I always find shocking when I get reviews for my business is when people mention what being in my presence feels like to them. That’s a nuance that you wouldn’t get from just looking at my website. You only see the things on my website that I want you to see – same for every other business. I mean we want to put our best foot forward – so head over to google and check out what other people have to say about the person you’re wanting to work with. 

If they don’t have reviews- reach out to any brides or grooms they have tagged in their images on social media. It can be kind of cringy and you may not get a response back – but if you do get a response I bet it will be an honest account of their experience. 

There’s probably a million more tips I could suggest about finding your ideal photographer but I want to make sure you don’t just pick someone who’s “fine”. There’s someone out there for you that’s going to give you the experience you’re looking for – you just have to do a little digging. As I mentioned earlier – I will sometimes have to decline clients’ wedding inquiries because I know we are not a match. That is not, however, common in the industry. There’s many people happy to take your money knowing full well they weren’t the best person to serve you.

I know the search is exhausting. You’re overwhelmed with the conversations about money, you’ve got a million other things to plan, and you just want it to be over. But after the cake is eaten, the DJ plays his last tune, and your guests are leaving – the only thing you have is the photos to remember the day. BE PICKY. Make sure you’re not just settling for good enough. 

Drop any questions you have in the comments below so I can write more blog posts to help you in finding your dream wedding photographer!! 

3 Tips For Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer

A wedding couple kissing with photographers in the background at a Columbus Georgia Photography workshop hosted by Cirrus Gold Creative Company

Eeeek! Today’s blog is all of my thoughts on Content Retreats! They are also referred to as content day, styled shoots, shoot outs, and many other things in the industry. Essentially they are workshops for photographers to create new and exciting work for their portfolio.

There are several reasons to attend a content retreat but to keep it brief I’ll just name a few

Couple kissing between group of photographers who are all photographing the couple. Taken at a photography workshop in Columbus Georgia.


First and foremost – content retreats are amazing for new and growing photographers to build a whole portfolio of work in a short amount of time. The amount of shooting that can be done at a retreat could honestly be enough to build an entire website.

It’s not only a good idea for new photographers though, I personally love content retreats because they allow me to revamp my portfolio. I often look back on my work and see where I’d like to grow and attending a content retreat can very well give me enough content to attract an entirely new and different client.

Photography workshop located in Columbus Georgia hosted by Cirrus Gold Creative Company


There is nothing better than going straight to the source and learning from someone you’re inspired by.

Point blank. Period. But I have found that it’s not just the people hosting the workshop I feel inspired by, being around others creating in general is a very profound and generative experience.

There’s a ton of research that shows how our brains interact with each other on a subconscious level and when we are around someone who is creating, we will naturally pick up on some of that inspiration ourselves. How cool is that?!

Photographer kneeling on the sidewalk outside a local shop in Columbus Georgia.


When you’re around 8-10+ other photographers doing their thanggg it’s very likely you’re going to pick up some new knowledge. You’ll see how they talk to clients, how to pose, how they set their camera settings, and all kinds of things. You can practice those new ideas in a safe learning environment where you’re not with actual clients.

A lot of times I purposefully include challenging shoots in our content retreats simply to help photographers develop the skills to handle it. Some examples might be: using flash, adding motion blur effects, photographing in harsh or different colored lighting, shooting through fractals or prisms. The point is to not play it safe because its your time to really go for it and CREATE.

Group of photographers walking down an alleyway together with their backs turned to the camera. Taken at a photography workshop in Columbus Georgia.


Being a self employed photographer makes it easy to forget that you are not alone in the industry. Even though you may spend most days alone – there are so many others doing the exact same thing. We forget to take advantage of opportunities to connect with other photographers and vendors and those connections can honestly make or break our business.

Attending content retreats helps you create authentic and organic connections to other creatives that you can keep up with, cheer on, and work with in the future. Also don’t forget about the amazing referrals you can get from having a strong network.

Close up image of a photographer holding her camera near her waist.


There are some cons to attending content retreats that I do want to address – first one being cost. It costs quite a bit of money and a TON of time to plan and execute a good content retreat. So it does cost quite a bit to attend a quality retreat. It’s an expense that not a lot of newer photographers are able to justify early on in their business and I totally get it.

I will say I took a gamble on my first retreat and paid $500 that I most definitely did not have, and the content I got from that retreat has booked me a few weddings so it more than paid for itself. Also attending a retreat can fall under educational expenses and is a business write off if done correctly so ask your accountant if it’s an expense worth writing off.

The other con is that it does take a lot of energy to prepare for, attend, and post process after a retreat. It can be a little overwhelming having 10 photographers all trying to get the same shot. It can certainly open the door to lots of comparison to others. So to my fellow introverts make sure to take lots of time afterwards to decompress. I’ve never been in a situation that felt competitive at a retreat, but I think it can feel that way for some people. Just remember that you’re the only YOU and no one else’s work is going to be exactly like yours.


Ultimately if you cannot afford to attend a retreat, cannot get away because you’re a parent or have other obligations, or for some other reason just cannot make it happen – don’t worry. The goal is to step outside of your comfort zone regularly. There are so many ways to push yourself creatively that are free and can happen on your own time.

But if you ask me? I would say figure out a way to make attending a retreat happen. Do your research and make sure it’s content you would actually really want in your portfolio – most retreats will have mood boards to show what kind of shoots you can expect to be there. Make sure you trust the hosts of the retreat or that they are at least reputable so you don’t get scammed. Check out reviews from past participants of that person’s retreats if they are available or contact someone who’s gone and ask them about their experience.

And if you’re looking for a retreat to attend this year – the Blooming Anyway Collective will be hosting 2!! Head over to our Instagram and check out all of the details for our upcoming retreats.

We also just released a podcast episode all about this! Check it out here >>>>>

Two red headed best friends laughing and holding a camera. Taken at a photography workshop in Columbus Georgia.

We hope to see you at our next retreat!

Content Retreats – Are they worth it?

Bridal portrait with a black letter tattoo that says CREATE

January is International Creativity Month!! Naturally I wanted to write this post so much earlier in the month because its such an amazing opportunity to start the year inspired – but as with all things in entrepreneurship – we got busy and things had to get shuffled around. BUT…..Better late than never though because this is the CORNERSTONE of my entire business and the way that I chose to live my life so naturally I have a lot of words to say about it.

First things first ……

Creativity means a lot of different things to different people and can be a source of contention between individuals. A lot of people associate creativity with artistic ability or skill, but there are so many ways to be creative in this life other than art. The way in which you craft your schedule for the day, the way you style your home, the clothing you choose to wear – all of those are very closely tied to creativity.

Columbus Georgia wedding photographer self portrait with flowers

Judging someone’s level of creativity can be a slippery slope to saying something deeply offensive. There are so many people who have been told that they were not creative enough, myself included, and that assumption can weigh heavy on people.

I honestly think creativity is one of the traits that we all have access to but are too scared to explore because it’s an invitation for someone to pass judgement. And it’s not just arbitrary judgement, its judgement about things that are deeply tied to us as creativity is informed by our most intimate thoughts and feelings.

That being said – Creativity can be SCARY

….because it requires a sense of vulnerability to look within ourselves, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Even if we are brave enough to get to the stage of looking within, we have to sort out what’s there. This means looking at all of the conditional thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves that were given to us by others. After we can sort through things, then we start to develop new truths about ourselves and those little truths turn into creative ventures.

Maybe your discovered truth is that you like to cook, so you begin to experiment in the kitchen. Your truth could be the fact that you really like the aesthetic of grunge culture, so you start replacing some of your clothing to match your desired look. Maybe you have found a great amount of joy in landscaping so you research horticulture and how to blend certain plants to create a symbiotic ecosystem.

Self Portrait of Michelle Dorrill, a Wedding photographer from Columbus Georgia

Being openly creative means sharing the little truths about ourselves that we like – but one comment from someone else can sometimes make us feel absolutely stupid for even trying.

So what does it take to live an openly creative life?

It takes courage – a whole lot of it. I had a dear friend and mentor tell me consistently that I was not a very creative person and it honestly wrecked me. It really made me feel like it was impossible for me to ever be a full time artist. I listened to that person for several years before I realized that I had an opportunity to make up my own mind about myself. It took a hell of a lot of courage to break that mold but when I did, I started experiencing a lot more joy and a level of self love and trust I didn’t know was possible. That trust was the foundation for my business and the foundation I stand on every single day.

I do want to highlight that courage does not replace the presence of fear. Fear will always be present with creativity. Even though I am a full time artist with a growing business- it’s still scary to look within, it’s still hard to be vulnerable, I still get weary when people critique me, but it’s the courage to keep showing up for myself and my truth that allows for me to continue.

Also do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. It was the number one resource that inspired me to take up creative living.

So how do we really get this thing going?

Fun self portrait of a photographer in a target shopping cart located in Columbus Georgia

Take action – even if you’re scared. Show up to the ballet class, suggest the new innovative solution at work, plan one creative photoshoot that’s out of your comfort zone. Do not beat yourself up for the outcome of your new creative pursuits. It’s going to be a bit messy at the start – but you’ll find your way. The more you critique and criticize your early work, the less likely you are to keep going.

There are two things that will make creative living easier – one – consistency. Keep showing up and it will get easier and you will become more skilled in whatever you’re doing. And the second – surround yourself with creative ideas, people, pinterest boards, podcasts, books, movies, or resource you can that inspires you. Inspired people are more likely to follow through, try new things, and push themselves to improve their skills.

So easy peasy right? Haha – wrong. But here are 3 ways you can start living a more creative life.

  • Start a journal or some exercise that allows for you to be vulnerable and discover more of yourself
  • When you’ve discovered real truths about yourself – take action – even if you’re scared. Find an accountability buddy if you need or someone to try it with you.
  • Celebrate the act of creativity even if the outcome was not what you wanted

Self portrait - Wedding Photographer from Columbus Georgia with red hair sitting in a white bounce castle

I really hope this was helpful for someone. I am so honored for this little corner of the internet where we push ourselves to be better and inspire others to join. I know that 2023 I will be focusing a lot more on allowing myself to flourish creatively instead of tearing myself down. Interested in joining me but need a pep talk? My email and DMS are always open. I would love to dream with you about how you can start living more creatively in 2023.

Living Creatively

Hey there!

I wanted to create this directory of Photographers who are still taking clients for 2022. If I am not able to serve you, I want to refer you to someone who’s going to give you a positive experience and amazing photos. Each of these photographers has a unique style and focuses on different things, so I encourage you to browse their websites and social media to see which one best fits your needs. Make sure to reach out soon because fall is the busiest season for Photographers and will likely book up soon!

*These are not listed in any particular order*

Kylene Morgan Photography

Kylene is taking on couples, engagements, proposals, maternity, families, & senior sessions this fall. You can contact her through her website or instagram!

Bryanna Lynn Photography

Bryanna is taking clients for everything except births and weddings. She has scattered availability for Oct/Nov, and lots of availability for December. Reach out to her through her facebook page!

Nahyun Barbuto Photography

Nahyun is taking clients for family, maternity, lifestyle newborn, couples, and milestones session. You can contact her through her website or facebook!

Kieana Rochelle Photography

Kieana is taking Weddings, couples, and business photoshoots for the remainder of 2022. You can reach out to her through facebook or her wesbite!

Shelby Smith Photography

Shelby is happy to take on more Maternity and Couples this fall. You can reach her through her website or Instagram!

Elizabeth Rose Photography

Elizabeth is taking couples, engagements, branding and boudoir. She has some minis open right now and availability for November and December. You can reach her through her Facebook or Instagram.

The Perfect Moment Photography

Quin is taking just about any type of photo session. She has availability for November and December of 2022. You can find her work and contact her through her Facebook or Instagram!

Photographers Taking 2022 Clients!

Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready

This is a part of the wedding day that most people do not think about, and yet it’s a big part of the day. For some people the hours spent prepping and getting ready far exceeds the duration of the entire event. Pre-wedding prep is when I see the most stress happen on a wedding day. Most of the things that stress you out morning of your wedding can be mitigated by some careful planning on your part. There will be unexpected things that come up, but for the most part, you can plan for things to run smoothly. Here are some things I’ve seen couples do to make sure it runs smoothly.

Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • Start packing things at least two days before the wedding so you have time to organize everything into boxes or bags that make sense. Nothing is worse than throwing everything in bags and having to dig to find what you’re looking for. It also does not help if your lipstick is in the bag going to the reception space to be decorated.
  • Go one step further and label your boxes and bags so that you know what is in each bag and where to pack it. It’s also helpful for the people helping on the day of to find things so they don’t have to interrupt you every 10 minutes to ask where things are.
  • Get your nails, permanent lashes, brows done the day before the wedding. Really anything you can do the day before is going to save you so much time.
  • Have a general plan and communicate it to your wedding party and family so that everyone knows where and when they need to be somewhere.
  • Bring your own snacks and food with you – this eliminates the need for someone in your wedding party to run off to go get food and slow down the rest of the process.
  • Bring a steamer – you’re gonna need one. No matter how perfect you packed clothes, they are gonna wrinkle.


Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • Yes there is going to be some jitters before the ceremony and nerves are to be expected but try not to let them consume you.
  • Bring alcohol and have a mimosa or two to help loosen you up, but make sure to monitor your alcohol intake and make sure to eat. I can do a lot – but I can’t photoshop a drunk look off of anyone’s faces.
  • Invite the people you enjoy being around the most to be in your party and to be there with you while you’re getting ready. Nothing is worse than being with people make you feel anxious or bring down the mood. There are no rules that says who needs to be in that space and who doesn’t, so set the tone of the day with the people who will make you feel happy and loved.
  • Play music that makes you happy and bust a move. Shake out all of those pre-wedding jitters.
  • Hire a hair and makeup artist who are gonna bring up the vibe and not make things awkward. If you need recommendations let me know (;


Wedding Photographer Columbus Georgia Captures Couple getting Ready
  • There are going to be things that pop up – that’s the nature of the day. Try not to let those little things consume you.
  • People are going to be pulling at you all day to ask you for things – designate someone to handle things and put out fires for you. A day of coordinator is well worth the money spent!
  • If the cake topper doesn’t look exactly as you hoped or one of the groomsmen scuffed his shoe – so be it. You can’t control everything and I highly doubt anyone is going to notice those little things the way you worry they will.

Getting Wedding Ready – 3 Tips for a smooth and fun start to your day!

Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple on the River Walk

Summer is here!! And it’s probably here to stay for quite a while since this is Georgia’s longest and never ending season. This also means the kids are out of school, maybe some vacation time or weekends are free to spend time with each other exploring the city. If you’re thinking about getting some couples, engagement, maternity, or family photos done in the area – you’re in luck. There’s lots of places right here in the Columbus Georgia and Phenix City area to document those precious moments.

Our Top 6 favorite places to take photos in and around Columbus, Georgia

  1. The Chattahoochee River Walk

With 15 miles of paved trail there are so many photo opportunities. It’s the perfect location for a cute picnic or just good old fashioned photos near the water. The section closest to uptown and Bib City has some old mill buildings that also make for a unique background for photos. Our only advice is to be mindful of where you park if you do use the River walk and don’t leave valuable items in your car.

I’m forever gushing over these couple portraits of some of our favorite clients taken at the River Walk

Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple on the River Walk
Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple on the River Walk having a picnic

2. Lakewood Park

A local gem with tons of options for backgrounds. Lakewood park is located right behind Lakewood Golf Course in Phenix City, just on the other side of the Chattahoochee river. There’s a big grass area with open woods, 2 small ponds, and the famous waterfalls. The big grassy area is very mobility friendly so if you have someone in a wheelchair or needs accommodations for mobility, the grass is flat and you can drive right up to it. The waterfalls are a very popular destination for photographers to use and for locals to visit to cool off so sometimes it can be a bit crowded. Because there’s lots of shade, it does make for a great spot in the morning and late afternoon if you want to beat all of us golden hour enthusiasts. Do keep in mind that this is also nature, so you may encounter snakes, birds, and other wildlife around the water.

This engagement session I shot there last summer was a DREAMMMM!

Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple at Lakewood Park in Phenix City Alabama
Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple at Lakewood Park in Phenix City Alabama

3. Providence Canyon State Park

If you’re up for a bit of a drive – this place is definitely worth checking out. It’s about 45 – 50 minutes from Columbus. Make sure to bring $5 in cash to pay for parking and plenty of water. I also highly recommend hiking down in different shoes and ones you wouldn’t mind getting a little muddy as most of the time the floor of the canyon can have some standing water in places. Lastly, it is a canyon with that traditional Georgia clay so it may be helpful to bring your outfit to change into once you’re down there, especially if you are shooting with little ones who may trip on the way down.

This engagement shoot at Providence Canyon is probably one of my absolute favorite to date!

Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple at Providence Canyon State Park
Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple at Providence Canyon State Park

4. FDR State Park

This is one of my most frequented locations as a photographer and let me just tell you that view never gets old. This one is also a bit of a drive from Columbus, about 50 minutes. The drive is quite pleasant and gives you a nice scenic view of some good ole down home country towns. There are lots of areas of FDR to shoot in, my personal favorite is Dowells Knob. It is probably the best and most clear view of the Chattahoochee valley. This is also a state park so make sure to bring $5 with you for parking as this is how the park funds maintenance and upkeep so we can keep enjoying it. This is also a great location for a family picnic with plenty of picnic tables and a playground for the kids.

Check out this couples session I did featuring their new puppy Hudson! I’m obsessed!

Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple and their dog at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia
Columbus Georgia Wedding photographer takes photos of couple and their dog at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia

5. Uptown Columbus

This is a great location if you want a fun and urban feel. There’s a lot of opportunities for unique pictures with lots of different building facades, parking garages, murals, and quirky shops. Most places down there don’t have a problem with photos being taken as long as you ask and are being courteous of their other customers. It’s also conveniently located to all the ice cream and sweets your heart could desire to cool down after a shoot – who doesn’t love that!?

This spicy parking garage shoot is to die for!!

Wedding photographer takes photos of couple in a parking garage in downtown Columbus Georgia
Wedding photographer takes photos of couple in a parking garage in downtown Columbus Georgia

6. Flat Rock Park

Last but certainly not least is Flat Rock. This is one heck of a park nestled right in the city. It’s a massive park with a lot of potential opportunities for photos. You can pick from waterfall / stream areas, open woods, more closed hiking trails, large rocks, and a lake. This park is quite busy, but it’s large enough that you can have tons of space without people in the background. This is another area to be on the lookout for snakes and other critters during late springing summer.

Check out these engagement photos taken at Flat Rock Park

Columbus Georgia wedding photographer captures engagement photos for couple at flat rock park in Columbus Georgia

This is just a short list of places we frequent often as photographers. Whether you’re booking with a photographer or putting your phone on a tripod – you’re bound to get some good photos at these locations. All of the photos I’ve included are from couples and engagements because that is what we photograph the most, but as I mentioned all of these spots are very family friendly as well and make great locations for all types of portraits.

We have some limited availability left as well so if you want to inquire about photos >>>CLICK HERE

6 Places to Take Photos Near Columbus, Georgia this Summer

Columbus Georgia Wedding Photographer Captures Bride and Groom at wedding in Tallahassee Florida

Does the thought of everyone staring at you make you uncomfortable?

Do you get overwhelmed in a crowd of people?

Does a day filled to the max with back to back activities make you cringe?

If the answer is yes, you’re probably slightly introverted…or like really introverted. Don’t worry, I feel ya.

YES, I KNOW…I don’t seem like an introvert to most people but I am 49% extraverted and 51% introverted. Not that this post is about me, but I want to tell you I understand. I do thrive around people and by that I mean small groups of people for a short period of time. Then I need to retreat to my little hole and recharge or my nervous system will be an absolute wreck. I spent some time this week thinking about how I can help my introverted couples still have an incredible day, and came up with some helpful tips for you.

5 tips for enjoying the wedding experience when you’re an introvert

1.Run away and elope

That’s what Brandon and I did. We could not stand the thought of a stressful day with both of our families trying to coexist in the same room. We get it. You can have a special day and only include those who are closest to you – people may complain about not being invited but then they will carry on with their lives. Don’t loose sleep over the guest list – if you want it small and intimate, DO IT, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for that.

The great thing about elopements is that you have a lot less things to budget for so you get to be picky about getting the exact things that you want – like a fantastic photo/video team (; ….okay but let me just say we are 1,000% here for it! In fact we are already packing our bags thats how much we love elopements.

2. Be intentional with the schedule

Okay so you’re not team elopement – that’s fine. You can still have a full on wedding and actually enjoy it as an introvert. Here’s the trick – try to plan out the sequence of events strategically. You can alternate high contact / energy activity with a low one. A good example is – Combine entrance & first dance at the reception then go right into dinner so everyone can sit and eat and you can have a chance to breathe without having to get back up and have all eyes on you again. Another example is to plan in a break / prayer time before your ceremony so after the crazy wedding party photos and the flurry of getting everyone ready, you can have a moment to yourself to reflect or pray over your future marriage and how special this moment is.

3. Sneak off for a minute

It’s okay to have 10 minutes to yourselves. The best time to do this is after the ceremony and family photos. That is an exhausting and overwhelming process so ask your planner and photographer to build in an extra 10-15 minutes into the schedule so you can just be with your new spouse. This is actually a part of all of our timelines with our couples – we may take a few photos of you enjoying this moment, but we will leave you be to connect and recharge a bit. Something we see often is couples are just trying to get through the day- and its such a shame. You spend years dreaming about this, months planning this, and the day of you forget to be present and soak it all in. Our entire business model is founded on the premise of present moment awareness and joy – so we will absolutely make sure its a priority to slow down.

4. Cut traditions you don’t want

You don’t have to have a perfectly curated day for it to be special. Something that I notice adds a lot of stress to the day are keeping all the traditions straight and not forgetting something. It’s really not that serious – I promise life will go on without a bouquet and garter toss. Being the center of attention is hard enough, so skip some of those things where all eyes will be on you. You can have your day as long or as short as you want to, so if a full on dance party isn’t the vibe – cut the reception short.

5. Rest a bit before running off to your honeymoon

There’s nothing worse than coming down from a crazy busy day just to rush to the airport and be around more crowded people rushing all around. Take some time that evening and into the next morning to rest and recharge before going on your honeymoon. Maybe pack beforehand as well so you’re not stressing about things, you can just grab and go. The less stimulation for your brain the better. Also be intentional with the place you pick for your honeymoon. Brandon and I opted for a quiet cabin in the woods and we wouldn’t change it for a second. In fact we loved it so much we return to that little town every few months.

I hope this was a little helpful for you. My main take away is that this is your day – so be intentional with the planning. It’s okay for it to look different than everyone else’s wedding – there are no hard and fast rules. Well maybe 1 – and that is you should enjoy it. We are here to help with that.

Cirrus Gold is a Wedding Photography business based in Columbus Georgia and Phenix City Alabama area. We also do couples, engagements, business branding, and some family portraits. We are about to launch an entire drone video service so stay tuned for more information!

Wedding Planning for Introverts

In honor of International Women’s Day we are giving a shoutout to some of our favorite female owned businesses in the Columbus Georgia.

Most of these business are people we have grown closer to over the years and we wanted to shout them out for the support they’ve given our business. They are in no particular order (:

Sadies Pick Florals

Nurse by day and florist by night / weekend / any other time she can find – Keakealani Applin with Sadie’s Pick Florals is a florist you should know about! If you’re looking for a down to earth, flower loving friend, then Kea is it. She is also always down for a creative idea and will work tirelessly to make your vision come true. Thanks for always being our go to! Check out Sadie’s Instagram here!

Icey Girl

I’m a sucker for anything cold and sweet so we started frequenting Icey Girl, probably once a week during their open season. It quickly turned from regular customers to a mutually beneficial relationship where they started booking us for portraits, even their own family photos. They have two locations as well as a traveling trailer so it’s likely you’ve seen them if you’ve been to an event in the Columbus area. If you’re looking for a sweet way to cool down or treat yourself this summer and want to support a female owned business that focuses on sustainability – look no further. Seriously run there and give them all your money. Chances are – I’ll probably see you there. For updated information check out their Instagram.

Plant Magic Market

Plant Magic Market somewhat speaks for itself as it is one of the few metaphysical shops in the Columbus area. But I’m here to brag a bit on the owner of Plant Magic Market – Olivia Hight-Montgomery. We met Olivia and her husband Terry at an event in Columbus and have been smitten with them ever since. This is another company we have a lot of mutual support with as Olivia booked us for her wedding a few months ago and we got to know her more personally. Talk about a super mom, this lady sells real estate and runs this shop. If you have an interest in what is sold at a metaphysical shop – I highly recommend the visit. Also make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram for sweet deals and new inventory!

Elyse Mixon Metals

Elyse Mixon Metals is a true artist. Each piece is hand made and incredibly unique. But I will say that her mind blowing talent is not the most amazing thing about Elyse. Her spirit and energy is absolutely electric and her kindness and joy is infectious. We seem to always show up in the same places these days so we must be doing something right (; – We also have some custom orders we are working with her on and we cannot wait to get them back! She’s impossible to miss at events, but follow her Instagram to see where she’s at so you can buy one of her gorgeous pieces.

Monarch Salon

I booked with Ashley Graves salon for makeup for a photoshoot and I was absolutely obsessed with her from the moment my butt hit the chair. She is easily one of the funniest people I have ever met and definitely the make up artist with the most personality. But makeup is just one of her many talents. Ashley just opened up a new hair and makeup studio in Uptown Columbus and let me just tell you it’s the place to be. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS AESTHETIC. I also want to highlight how much Ashley cares about her team – she is constantly making sure their mental health is in a good place and to me – that’s a business structure I can get behind. Check out her Instagram to see what she’s up to.

Tori Storm Designs

This girl – taking Columbus by Storm. Okay that was a bad pun but seriously – the chances of you seeing Tori’s work is HIGH. She has designed several logos and marketing materials for well known businesses in Columbus as well as a big mural in midtown that was painted on the side of a building. While her work definitely speaks for itself – I knew Tori personally before I knew she was a graphic designer and her kind and bubbly spirit is so joyful to be around. Let me tell you we are first in line for some branding work with Tori. We also can’t wait to shoot her wedding in September (; Hurry over to her Instagram to see what she’s up to and inquire about working with her!

Sweet Reverie Co.

Who doesn’t love cookies?! Also who knew cookies would be so freaking pretty!!! Che is hands town the most talented cookie artist in all of Columbus and quite possibly the state. Another fellow business owner who works during the day and bakes by night. Her skills are second to none and its honestly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen to make such intricate designs on such tiny cookies. Che does cookies for all types of events, promotional materials, and just because. We partnered with her for a giveaway around Christmas and the products she made were beyond what we could have ever imagined. If you’re looking for a sweet way to take your event or gift to the next level get in her DM’s! Click here to see her most recent work on her Instagram.

These are businesses that are new to us but we still absolutely love their products/services and would highly recommend them

Gina Tew Designs

Idle Plum Design Co.

Mint Vintage

Campfires and tailgates

Festive and Flair

Bridle and Brew

Beejou Kombucha

Makeup by Krystal Ross

Make up by Whitley

Wired by Alp

Female owned businesses to support in Columbus Georgia

Columbus Georgia Photographer captures bride and groom on beach in Jacksonville Florida - Big Talbot Island

Wedding Planning is STRESSFUL. We totally get it – that’s exactly why we decided to elope. While taking care of our Brides the past year we have learned a few things that may be helpful. In Honor of National Wedding Planning day – we compiled a short list to help you get started.

10 things to consider when you begin planning a wedding

  • Pick a few dates – especially if you are within a year of your desired dates. Vendors fill up quickly and sometimes your ideal venue is not available on that day. Have a list of backup venues just in case.

  • Set your budget VERY early on because things add up quickly and it’s easy to get carried away if you don’t have the big picture in mind.

  • Narrow down your “Must Haves” and then put wants or wish items on a separate list so you can prioritize the things that are most important to you.

  • Vendors to start with: Venue, Photographer, Planner – Once you have those you can set up your timeline and everything else will run a lot smoother.

  • While its okay to think about the guest experience, remember that your day is about you, don’t waste time or money planning parts of your day that you don’t even want.

  • Hire a planner if its within your budget – at the very least consider a day of coordinator to help things run smoothly.

  • We may be a bit biased but think about your day in terms of the photos you want. Example: If you want golden hour photos, don’t plan your ceremony 5 hours before sunset. If you want lots of photos of you and new spouse, do a first look and portraits after the ceremony.

  • If you’re going to DIY anything – start early because those things take much longer than you anticipate. Also when shopping – look for alternatives that are not in the wedding section. As soon as someone associates a product with weddings the price goes way up. It may take you longer to shop, but it can save you tons of money.

  • Lastly but most importantly – rest often. Put the planning down when it becomes overhwhelming and pick it back up when you can. The last thing you want is for the planning to be so stressful you forget to enjoy the bliss of being engaged!

Cirrus Gold is a Wedding Photography business based in Columbus Georgia and Phenix City Alabama area. We also do couples, engagements, business branding, and some family portraits. We are about to launch an entire drone video service so stay tuned for more information!

10 things to consider when you begin planning your wedding

Columbus Georgia Photographer and drone videographer do self portrait

Okay so it’s no secret here that I love awkwardness. Don’t ask me why – I couldn’t tell you. It likely has something to do with the authentic nature of awkwardness. It just reminds me that we are alive and maybe we shouldn’t take life so seriously. Also “awkward” often translates to giddy, joyful, and fun in photos. We found this by a happy accident in taking photos of our own love story.

Every session starts off a little bumpy, which is to be expected because most of us don’t love a camera pointed at our faces. What happens when you push through that awkwardness though….now that is pure MAGIC. We are suckers for romance and with any romantic relationship there’s going to be some sensuality and passion, but mostly it’s going to be hanging out with your best friend, giggling, and enjoying life together. I’m a firm believer that as long as love exists in your relationship, we will capture it in images.

And you want to know what else – it will look fantastic! Why???


So no matter how awkward or uncomfortable you are, if you can be authentic and connect with your partner you’re going to get amazing photos. It helps when you have someone to coach you through it so here are my top 5 tips for capturing love in a photograph.

1. Focus on being candid with your partner

Columbus Georgia Wedding Photographer and Columbus Georgia drone videographer running

Most of the time the best photos are the ones people least expect. They are the ones that really look and feel like YOU – that’s because you’re being real and candid. They are not overly posed – they are pictures of you doing what you would normally do to show each other affection. Is there a certain way you hug your partner when they are washing dishes and you come up behind them? Do that in a photo session and it’ll feel as comfortable as you are when you’re at home. Is there something you two always giggle about no matter the situation – talk about it during your session there’s bound to be smiles. Its hard not to get frustrated when you see a pose online and it doesn’t exactly work for you – but remember that those photos are likely curated. Your authentic connection will look just as magical

2. Connect with your partner and not the camera/photographer

Columbus Georgia Photographer and Drone Videographer self portraits
Photo taken by Lauren Romero Photography

Yes there will another person there, which is awkward. Yes there is a camera pointed at your faces, also awkward. But if you can breathe through that and focus on your partner then your images will reflect that. There’s a distinct moment when awkwardly looking into each other’s eye turns into a spark (even if it’s brief). The moment you forget about it being an awkward session and let yourself connect is the moment you will start capturing that true magic.

3. Don’t worry about people watching

Columbus Georgia Wedding Photographer and Drone Videographer self portraits in North Georgia Mountains

Whether you’re doing it yourself or having photos taken of you in a public place, there will inevitably be wandering eyes. Most likely people are looking at you because you are laughing and having a good time. Its like a romantic comedy – you just can’t look away. These people are likely in their own heads with a million other thoughts running through their mind and the brief moment their eyes catch yours are fleeting memories while they carry on doing whatever is is they were there to do. You likely don’t know that person and you’ll never see them again. The less you worry about your surroundings and focus more on your partner, the more that will reflect in your photos.

** Quick side note: your photographer should never ask you to do something you feel extremely uncomfortable with, especially in public. It’s okay to tell them that’s NOT the vibe**

4. Understand that not every photo from your session will be spectacular

Columbus Georgia Photographer and Drone Videographer self portraits
Photo taken by Lauren Romero Photography

Whether you’re taking your own photos with a tripod or getting photos taken by a photographer – be okay with the fact that not every photo is going to look good. Not every pose is going to be flattering for you or your body. Not every face you make is going to be one that you love. That’s okay! The photos you see online, even the ones posted on our website, are the best of the best from our sessions. Every time we take photos of ourselves, we weed through several hundred and maybe settle on 15-20 images that we absolutely love. It’s okay to delete the ones that don’t make you feel great and focus on the ones that do.

5. Be present with your partner

Columbus Georgia Photographer and Drone Videographer self portraits in Toccoa Georgia

I think this may be the most important rule. I know there’s a lot of pressure and things going on around you. There’s probably a list of a hundred things that you need to be doing at home or for work. But if you could just take an hour to be truly present with your partner, it will show in your photos. If you have a hard time being in the moment try thinking about the way the breeze feels on your skin, the way their hair or shirt smells, the sound of the birds singing or the cars wizzing by. We cannot experience any other time in the current moment. We cannot change the past, we cannot control the future, we can just be here together for now. Maybe even give this a try when you’re not taking photos, but just in every day life. Make a habit of taking a few moments to be present with your partner and see how much your life changes.

I hope you were able to get something helpful from this post. It was the very process of capturing our own love story that turned this business into a reality. I used all photos from our own journey to show you that even two clumsy, wobbly folks can take beautiful photos. What’s great about these images has nothing to do with us or how we look- and everything to do with the feelings they evoke. This is what love looks like in photographs.

Columbus Georgia wedding Photographer and Drone Videographer self portraits at Pine Mountain Georgia

Cirrus Gold Creative Company is a wedding photography business based in Columbus Georgia and Phenix City Alabama area. We also do couples, engagements, business branding, and some family portraits. We are about to launch an entire drone video service so stay tuned for more information!

5 Tips for Getting Romantic Photos with your Partner

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