Wedding party walking towards photographer at Bibb Mill Event Center in Columbus Georgia

I recently helped one of my dearest friends find her wedding photographer and the process really opened my eyes to the client’s journey of finding the perfect fit. She asked me to be in the wedding and asked that I be present with her on her day instead of trying to do both, thus began the process of me helping her find someone that would give her a comparable experience to what I would if she had hired me. Now I know that it was going to be a nearly impossible task simply because the love I have for her allows me to see and capture her differently than anyone else, but nonetheless I helped her search.

I was BLOWN away by several parts of this process with her and I wanted to write a series of blog posts addressing what I saw. This is blog post number 1- making sure a photographer is right for you.

This is a heated topic for me because I know wedding photography can be a very large investment. If I am paying for something I need to make sure it’s worth my time – the same can be said about my clients. I want to make sure that I am CLEAR on the experience I am giving my clients because I also want them to know if I am the best fit for their wedding day. 

Each photograph is different in the way they approach their business and wedding day experiences. When you’re looking for someone – they should also be looking out to see if the fit is mutual. With an experience as intimate as a wedding – I have no interest in taking on someone’s wedding that’s looking for an experience I cannot give them. That is just a waste of both of our time and resources. Not to mention it could sincerely ruin your wedding experience to get photos back that you hate. 

So – lets avoid that shall we?!


You like their style.This is the NUMBER ONE thing I highlight in all of my client meetings and in the contract. If you don’t like my style you will not like the images I give you. If you like my style but want it brighter or darker – I am NOT your photographer. I turn down weddings all of the time because I am not who they are looking for and I will not risk giving them wedding photos they won’t cherish. That’s not fair to them or myself. 

The easiest way to make sure you like someone’s style is to look at their work on social media and website thoroughly. Do they have any photos at your venue or a venue similar to yours and is that what you want your photos to look like? A good example of this is barn weddings – because barns are notoriously warm on the inside with the wood and warm lighting. If you booked a barn venue your photos are going to be on the warmer side. Have you seen how that photographer edits for warm lighting situations? 

If you don’t feel 100% convinced you should ask to see a full wedding gallery. I honestly highly recommend this anyway because the photos on their website and social media is their best work in their portfolio. They may have nailed a few shots they use frequently but if you don’t like the way they edit throughout a gallery then you will be disappointed when you get your images back. 


Find someone you actually like outside of their work.

Your wedding day hinges on the vendors you hire and the photographer is a biggie. That is the one vendor you will spend your entire day with. Your hair and make up team will leave, your cake vendor and florists will do their part and leave, but your photographer will be there through it all. You want to make sure it’s someone you enjoy being around. 

Your photographer will also witness you in the most raw and vulnerable parts of your day – make sure you’re hiring someone who can trust with those sentimental parts of you. It’s hard to know if someone is going to be a good fit without being able to look them in the eyes – so I make a big effort to make sure we schedule a face to face consultation before any contracts are signed. If my clients are destination / travel weddings we jump on a virtual call. I cannot judge if I am a good fit for someone by just hearing their voice alone, I want to see their face and body language. 

Even if you know the photographer personally, sit down face to face and have an honest discussion about the decision in hiring them. Make sure you know what to expect, what their payment options are, what the contract will look like, if they have a back up process. Just because you know them in one capacity does not mean you know them in a business sense and this is a business transaction.



Look at their reviews – especially on Google. 

If you want to know what it feels like to work with someone look at their google reviews. When you’ve had a really good or bad experience I can imagine the first thing you want to do is go leave a review for someone. Or before you buy anything on amazon you’ll go and read the reviews. The same thing applies here.

Reviews should give more than just a few words that say “awesome job, I love my photos”. Look for the in depth reviews that highlight the person’s experience. Some things I always find shocking when I get reviews for my business is when people mention what being in my presence feels like to them. That’s a nuance that you wouldn’t get from just looking at my website. You only see the things on my website that I want you to see – same for every other business. I mean we want to put our best foot forward – so head over to google and check out what other people have to say about the person you’re wanting to work with. 

If they don’t have reviews- reach out to any brides or grooms they have tagged in their images on social media. It can be kind of cringy and you may not get a response back – but if you do get a response I bet it will be an honest account of their experience. 

There’s probably a million more tips I could suggest about finding your ideal photographer but I want to make sure you don’t just pick someone who’s “fine”. There’s someone out there for you that’s going to give you the experience you’re looking for – you just have to do a little digging. As I mentioned earlier – I will sometimes have to decline clients’ wedding inquiries because I know we are not a match. That is not, however, common in the industry. There’s many people happy to take your money knowing full well they weren’t the best person to serve you.

I know the search is exhausting. You’re overwhelmed with the conversations about money, you’ve got a million other things to plan, and you just want it to be over. But after the cake is eaten, the DJ plays his last tune, and your guests are leaving – the only thing you have is the photos to remember the day. BE PICKY. Make sure you’re not just settling for good enough. 

Drop any questions you have in the comments below so I can write more blog posts to help you in finding your dream wedding photographer!! 

3 Tips For Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer

Till Death Do Us Part Wedding

There could not be a more perfect theme for this couple and their November 4th Wedding at Dogwood Farms in Seale Alabama. The bride Gracen found us on Instagram a little over a year ago and we immediately clicked. Even during her consultation her mom was shocked at how similar we are and jokingly called us twins. Talk about good vibes straight from the jump.

After meeting Adam during the engagement session I could not be more smitten with these two. We had so much fun and the photos are still to this day some of the best engagement photos I’ve ever taken. Roaming around downtown Columbus Georgia we found a few spots that I’d never shot in before made their engagement session a dream which only made me more confident in shooting their wedding in November.

The actual wedding day was perfect weather – not too hot – or too cold and nice and sunny which provided the perfect golden hour ceremony and subsequent photos. The bride requested that all for the guests wear black which was definitely a great addition to her “Till Death” aesthetic. Talk about a bride who knows exactly what she wants. She also hired the most perfect vendors to make her vision come true. So here’s a huge shoutout the vendor team for making this dreamy day happen.


Day of Coordination: J-Lou’s Wedding and Event Planning

Photographer: Cirrus Gold Creative Company

Photo Booth Rental: Cirrus Gold Creative Company

Video: 1247 Productions

DJ: Justin Belew – Bibb City Sound

Florals: Crazy Daisy INC

Dress: An Affair to Remember

Catering: Nates Famous Food Truck

Cake: Midtown Cakes

Bartender: Six Fold Bartending

Enjoy this little peek of their day!


Brides dress hung above barn door
Bride's mother and sister help her put on her wedding day veil
Bride and father of the bride hugging after first look of her in a her wedding gown


Wedding in Seale Alabama – Mr. & Mrs. Gaylor

Talk about a magical North Georgia Wedding! We may be a little bit biased because the Blue Ridge Mountains is our absolute favorite place in the world, but there’s something so dreamy about a mountain wedding. This was our first time shooting Brasstown Valley Resort wedding – and let me tell you it did not disappoint!

Alina & Ian’s big day was of upmost perfection. We have been dreaming with them about their wedding for over a year and it was well worth the wait. The venue was Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa in Young Harris Georgia which was perfect for a girl who loves the mountains and a boy who loves to golf. It was perfectly overcast with a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the back and a light hearted ceremony full of giggles.

The bride shocked everyone with her dress. For months she told everyone she would wear a black dress and veil and was not willing to budge and when everyone turned around she was wearing the most elegant white dress. Audible gasps swept through the chairs where her guests were seated and you could tell that people were shocked! The groom absolutely lost his mind and stared weeping at the altar. Just as the commotion started to settle about the white dress she quickly changed into the black dress of her dreams for the reception and shocked them all again.

Between the black dress, the Halloween undertones, the mountains, and the full moon it was a wedding after our own hearts. Thank you Ian & Alina for letting us be a part of your big day.

Please enjoy this peek of photos from the wedding – for the link to the photo booth please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Looking to have your own Brasstown Valley Resort Wedding? – Schedule a consult so we can get to boogying with ya!


Brasstown Valley Resort Wedding- Mr. & Mrs. McKenna

Columbus Georgia Bride and Groom celebrate as they walk back down the isle

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Millspaugh!

We could not have been more blessed to be a part of so many incredible moments with this sweet couple. I (Michelle) worked with Robbie at Columbus State University and when I transitioned to doing photography Robbie booked one of the very first mini sessions I offered for a fun date with Brittany. Immediately after returning home from that session I remember telling Brandon “I have never met two people more meant for each other. Robbie found his perfect match”.

I found it utterly amusing that every toast to the couple at their wedding mentioned the exact same thing. Brittany and Robbie you were literally made for each other. Your day was absolutely perfect and I’m not sure we have ever laughed and smiled that much at a wedding day ever. Thank you for letting us tag along.

Huge shoutout to the vendor team that made this day possible:

Venue: The Blacksmith Shop & St. Josephs Catholic Church in Macon Georgia

Catering: Grow Fresh Local

Coordination & Decor: Ace Event Planning

Cake: LisaMae Bake Shoppe

Florals: The Bloom Studio Florals

Makeup: Makeup by Whitley

Photography & Videography: Cirrus Gold Creative Company

Photo Booth: Cirrus Gold Retro Rentals

*To access photos taken in the photo booth please scroll to the bottom of the page*

Enjoy this peek from Brittany & Robbie’s Big Day!

Columbus Bride and Groom pose for wedding portraits - chasing each other and giggling
Columbus Bride and Groom pose for wedding portraits
Wedding couple posing with DJ in Macon Georgia
Bride and Groom kiss in sparkler exit at Blacksmith shop in Macon Georgia

Bride & Groom standing in Photo booth rental


Wedding in Macon Georgia – Mr. & Mrs. Millspaugh

Wedding Couple pose for portrait in Columbus Georgia

Congratulations Matt & Rebecca on your long awaited wedding day at Bibb Mill

This sweet couple waited 18 years for this moment. Can you imagine waiting patiently for 18 years to marry your person?!!! They met in college, went their separate ways, found their way back to each other several times.

When I tell you that I was absolutely sobbing during their ceremony- I’m not even kidding. Both of their personally written vows outlined the story of their meeting and reconnection. When Rebecca recounted the story of them meeting up in LA and prolonging their date by going to get ice cream because she never wanted the moment to end – I lost it. She shared that as soon as she boarded the plane home she knew it was a forever relationship and she was never letting him go.

On October 7th, 2023 they committed to never loosing each other again.

Their sweet and sentimental ceremony happened at The Bibb Mill Event Center in Columbus Georgia and it could not have been more perfect. Surrounded by their family and friends with a nice fall breeze this couple said I do as the golden hour sun set behind them on the Chattahoochee River.

If you’d like to download any of photos from the photo booth – please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Huge shoutout to the vendors that made this amazing day happen

Venue: Bibb Mill Event Center

Catering: Valley Hospitality

Coordination: KH Events

Florals: Brooke Anderson Florals

Cake: Custom Cake Studio

Makeup: Makeup By Krystal Ros

Photography: Cirrus Gold Creative Company

Photo Booth: Cirrus Gold Retro Rentals

DJ: The DJ Company – Dave Arwood

Videography: 1247 Productions

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Matt-Rebecca-Wedding-Photo-Columbus-Georgia-Cirrus-Gold-Creative-Company-136-1024x683.jpg

For all guests interested in the photos taken from the photo booth you can CLICK HERE to download those!

Cirrus Gold Creative Company is a wedding photography, wedding videography, and photo booth rental company located in Columbus Georgia / Phenix City Alabama.

Bibb Mill Wedding in Columbus Georgia – The Towners

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