Female owned businesses to support in Columbus Georgia

In honor of International Women’s Day we are giving a shoutout to some of our favorite female owned businesses in the Columbus Georgia.

Most of these business are people we have grown closer to over the years and we wanted to shout them out for the support they’ve given our business. They are in no particular order (:

Sadies Pick Florals

Nurse by day and florist by night / weekend / any other time she can find – Keakealani Applin with Sadie’s Pick Florals is a florist you should know about! If you’re looking for a down to earth, flower loving friend, then Kea is it. She is also always down for a creative idea and will work tirelessly to make your vision come true. Thanks for always being our go to! Check out Sadie’s Instagram here!

Icey Girl

I’m a sucker for anything cold and sweet so we started frequenting Icey Girl, probably once a week during their open season. It quickly turned from regular customers to a mutually beneficial relationship where they started booking us for portraits, even their own family photos. They have two locations as well as a traveling trailer so it’s likely you’ve seen them if you’ve been to an event in the Columbus area. If you’re looking for a sweet way to cool down or treat yourself this summer and want to support a female owned business that focuses on sustainability – look no further. Seriously run there and give them all your money. Chances are – I’ll probably see you there. For updated information check out their Instagram.

Plant Magic Market

Plant Magic Market somewhat speaks for itself as it is one of the few metaphysical shops in the Columbus area. But I’m here to brag a bit on the owner of Plant Magic Market – Olivia Hight-Montgomery. We met Olivia and her husband Terry at an event in Columbus and have been smitten with them ever since. This is another company we have a lot of mutual support with as Olivia booked us for her wedding a few months ago and we got to know her more personally. Talk about a super mom, this lady sells real estate and runs this shop. If you have an interest in what is sold at a metaphysical shop – I highly recommend the visit. Also make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram for sweet deals and new inventory!

Elyse Mixon Metals

Elyse Mixon Metals is a true artist. Each piece is hand made and incredibly unique. But I will say that her mind blowing talent is not the most amazing thing about Elyse. Her spirit and energy is absolutely electric and her kindness and joy is infectious. We seem to always show up in the same places these days so we must be doing something right (; – We also have some custom orders we are working with her on and we cannot wait to get them back! She’s impossible to miss at events, but follow her Instagram to see where she’s at so you can buy one of her gorgeous pieces.

Monarch Salon

I booked with Ashley Graves salon for makeup for a photoshoot and I was absolutely obsessed with her from the moment my butt hit the chair. She is easily one of the funniest people I have ever met and definitely the make up artist with the most personality. But makeup is just one of her many talents. Ashley just opened up a new hair and makeup studio in Uptown Columbus and let me just tell you it’s the place to be. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS AESTHETIC. I also want to highlight how much Ashley cares about her team – she is constantly making sure their mental health is in a good place and to me – that’s a business structure I can get behind. Check out her Instagram to see what she’s up to.

Tori Storm Designs

This girl – taking Columbus by Storm. Okay that was a bad pun but seriously – the chances of you seeing Tori’s work is HIGH. She has designed several logos and marketing materials for well known businesses in Columbus as well as a big mural in midtown that was painted on the side of a building. While her work definitely speaks for itself – I knew Tori personally before I knew she was a graphic designer and her kind and bubbly spirit is so joyful to be around. Let me tell you we are first in line for some branding work with Tori. We also can’t wait to shoot her wedding in September (; Hurry over to her Instagram to see what she’s up to and inquire about working with her!

Sweet Reverie Co.

Who doesn’t love cookies?! Also who knew cookies would be so freaking pretty!!! Che is hands town the most talented cookie artist in all of Columbus and quite possibly the state. Another fellow business owner who works during the day and bakes by night. Her skills are second to none and its honestly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen to make such intricate designs on such tiny cookies. Che does cookies for all types of events, promotional materials, and just because. We partnered with her for a giveaway around Christmas and the products she made were beyond what we could have ever imagined. If you’re looking for a sweet way to take your event or gift to the next level get in her DM’s! Click here to see her most recent work on her Instagram.

These are businesses that are new to us but we still absolutely love their products/services and would highly recommend them

Gina Tew Designs

Idle Plum Design Co.

Mint Vintage

Campfires and tailgates

Festive and Flair

Bridle and Brew

Beejou Kombucha

Makeup by Krystal Ross

Make up by Whitley

Wired by Alp

  1. Tia & Jenna says:

    What a beautiful line up of boss babes!! So honored to be mentioned among them! Thanks, friend! ?

  2. Love all of these babes! Thanks so much for the feature!

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