Wedding Planning for Introverts

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Does the thought of everyone staring at you make you uncomfortable?

Do you get overwhelmed in a crowd of people?

Does a day filled to the max with back to back activities make you cringe?

If the answer is yes, you’re probably slightly introverted…or like really introverted. Don’t worry, I feel ya.

YES, I KNOW…I don’t seem like an introvert to most people but I am 49% extraverted and 51% introverted. Not that this post is about me, but I want to tell you I understand. I do thrive around people and by that I mean small groups of people for a short period of time. Then I need to retreat to my little hole and recharge or my nervous system will be an absolute wreck. I spent some time this week thinking about how I can help my introverted couples still have an incredible day, and came up with some helpful tips for you.

5 tips for enjoying the wedding experience when you’re an introvert

1.Run away and elope

That’s what Brandon and I did. We could not stand the thought of a stressful day with both of our families trying to coexist in the same room. We get it. You can have a special day and only include those who are closest to you – people may complain about not being invited but then they will carry on with their lives. Don’t loose sleep over the guest list – if you want it small and intimate, DO IT, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for that.

The great thing about elopements is that you have a lot less things to budget for so you get to be picky about getting the exact things that you want – like a fantastic photo/video team (; ….okay but let me just say we are 1,000% here for it! In fact we are already packing our bags thats how much we love elopements.

2. Be intentional with the schedule

Okay so you’re not team elopement – that’s fine. You can still have a full on wedding and actually enjoy it as an introvert. Here’s the trick – try to plan out the sequence of events strategically. You can alternate high contact / energy activity with a low one. A good example is – Combine entrance & first dance at the reception then go right into dinner so everyone can sit and eat and you can have a chance to breathe without having to get back up and have all eyes on you again. Another example is to plan in a break / prayer time before your ceremony so after the crazy wedding party photos and the flurry of getting everyone ready, you can have a moment to yourself to reflect or pray over your future marriage and how special this moment is.

3. Sneak off for a minute

It’s okay to have 10 minutes to yourselves. The best time to do this is after the ceremony and family photos. That is an exhausting and overwhelming process so ask your planner and photographer to build in an extra 10-15 minutes into the schedule so you can just be with your new spouse. This is actually a part of all of our timelines with our couples – we may take a few photos of you enjoying this moment, but we will leave you be to connect and recharge a bit. Something we see often is couples are just trying to get through the day- and its such a shame. You spend years dreaming about this, months planning this, and the day of you forget to be present and soak it all in. Our entire business model is founded on the premise of present moment awareness and joy – so we will absolutely make sure its a priority to slow down.

4. Cut traditions you don’t want

You don’t have to have a perfectly curated day for it to be special. Something that I notice adds a lot of stress to the day are keeping all the traditions straight and not forgetting something. It’s really not that serious – I promise life will go on without a bouquet and garter toss. Being the center of attention is hard enough, so skip some of those things where all eyes will be on you. You can have your day as long or as short as you want to, so if a full on dance party isn’t the vibe – cut the reception short.

5. Rest a bit before running off to your honeymoon

There’s nothing worse than coming down from a crazy busy day just to rush to the airport and be around more crowded people rushing all around. Take some time that evening and into the next morning to rest and recharge before going on your honeymoon. Maybe pack beforehand as well so you’re not stressing about things, you can just grab and go. The less stimulation for your brain the better. Also be intentional with the place you pick for your honeymoon. Brandon and I opted for a quiet cabin in the woods and we wouldn’t change it for a second. In fact we loved it so much we return to that little town every few months.

I hope this was a little helpful for you. My main take away is that this is your day – so be intentional with the planning. It’s okay for it to look different than everyone else’s wedding – there are no hard and fast rules. Well maybe 1 – and that is you should enjoy it. We are here to help with that.

Cirrus Gold is a Wedding Photography business based in Columbus Georgia and Phenix City Alabama area. We also do couples, engagements, business branding, and some family portraits. We are about to launch an entire drone video service so stay tuned for more information!

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